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Fostering healthy school culture and climates

Restorative Best Practices in Education
We provide consultation and training in evidence-based practices and strategies for increasing student engagement and teacher impact via equity, dignity and a sense of belonging in classroom learning environments.
Restorative practices employ equity and build school/classroom communities in order to create environments where students feel belonging and safety, thereby making it easier for them to learn both academically and social/emotionally. When things go wrong, rather than removing or merely punishing students, these community relationships are levied to right wrongs, provide resources, repair broken relationships and, where punishment must be levied, re-integrate students back into the school community.  
Use of restorative practices has been proven to increase academic achievement, decrease antisocial and self-harming behavior, and increase perceived safety campus-wide.
Karen Junker is a passionate professional whose work emphasizes equity and dignity for students and teachers. Karen Junker’s philosophy of culture and climate is that every school community member be valued, respected and contributing; her work prioritizes inclusion and participation.

"I cannot speak highly enough about how engaging Karen is as a presenter, but more than that, she built capacity in others to use Restorative Practices in classrooms and schools.  What a valuable benefit to our school cultures if everyone built solid school communities based on Restorative Practices!"

– Dr. Mary A. Mason Executive Director, Elementary Education, Glendale USD

Karen Junker "is an experienced classroom teacher who understands the dynamics between teachers and students and provides actual, useful tools for educators to take away with them to their own classrooms, enabling them to facilitate community building circles with confidence and understanding.

Karen can be trusted to provide the most thorough, careful training in a way that makes participants feel confident and motivated, and she imparts it with a warmth and energy that is all her own."

– Ayesha Brooks, Coordinator of Positive Climate and Culture, Fontana USD

"In my twenty-four years in education from a teacher to superintendent, I have never experienced a professional training that significantly affected the personal and professional lives of each and every participant until now. 

In a time where I am personally accountable for every dollar spent, I can confidently look each taxpayer in the eye and describe the profound impact this training had on the culture of our school family."


– Dr. David Vannasdall, Superintendent, Arcadia USD

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