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As little as 10% of staff participation can tip the scale of a school's culture. With coordinated and focused action, and by adding people who add value, a minority view of what's possible quickly becomes the majority view of what's possible.
Our work emphasizes site sustainable community building and restorative approaches to classroom culture, academic achievement and school discipline in K-12.
Ms. Junker works collaboratively with administrators, teachers, and students to build school site capacities and implement school-wide restorative practices including community building circles, conflict de-escalation, and suspension diversion using student panels.


Trainings are tailored to meet your site's needs and time constraints. Participants describe the trainings as effective, immediately applicable, and practical. We teach skills and build teacher/staff/admin capacity to implement classroom and site daily/weekly initiatives after the training.

  • Restorative practices basics

  • Evidence based strategies to increase student engagement and teacher impact 

  • Community  building in any learning setting

  • Problem solving circles and strategies

  • Affective language – speaking and listening

    • Productive/non-shaming language

    • Restorative questions for responding to challenging behavior

  • Conflict de-escalation via relationship building scripts

  • Community building games

  • Positive psychology

    • classroom interventions​

    • Positive Education: well-being and academics

  • Suspension/discipline diversion using student panels

  • Character strength education


Providing realistic and pragmatic strategic guidance for achieving a sustainable restorative culture via site-managed projects/programs. Designed to build schools’ capacity to continue its initiatives after the consultancy period.
  • Implement and develop restorative practices for any/hybrid/distance learning setting

  • Build and cultivate organizational capacity - reduce reliance on contractors

  • Restorative leadership

  • Troubleshooting and problem solving

  • Conflict de-escalation b/t students

  • Suspension diversion using student panels

  • Facilitating restorative conferences

  • Support for admin and teachers

  • Conflict de-escalation b/t staff

  • Developing norms and public agreements with staff


Offering personalized/extra support and scaffolding for administration and teachers

  • Classroom visits

    • Introduce new strategies and upgrades

    • Problem solving – circles and fishbowls

  • Suspension diversion using student panels

  • Restorative conferences

  • Restorative leadership

  • Classroom management

  • Conflict de-escalation b/t staff

  • Developing and implementing staff public agreements and norms

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