We emphasize site sustainable community building and problem-solving approaches to school discipline, classroom management and academic achievement in K-12.

Ms. Junker works collaboratively with administrators, teachers, and students to build school site capacities and implement school-wide restorative practices including community building circles, conflict resolution, suspension diversion, Peer Court/Council, and bullying intervention.


Trainings are tailored to meet your site's needs and time constraints. Participants describe the trainings as effective, immediately applicable, and practical. We teach skills and build teacher/staff/admin capacity to implement classroom and site daily/weekly initiatives after the training.

  • Restorative practices basics

  • Evidence based strategies to increase student engagement and teacher impact in distance/hybrid/any learning setting

  • Community  building in any learning setting

  • Problem solving circles and strategies

  • Affective language – speaking and listening

    • Productive/non-shaming language

    • Restorative questions for responding to challenging behavior

  • Conflict de-escalation via relationship building scripts

  • Community building games

  • Positive psychology

    • classroom interventions​

    • Positive Education: well-being and academics

  • Suspension/discipline diversion using student panels

  • Character strength education


Providing realistic and pragmatic strategic guidance for achieving a sustainable restorative culture via site-managed projects/programs. Designed to build schools’ capacity to continue its initiatives after the consultancy period.
  • Implement and develop restorative practices for any/hybrid/distance learning setting

  • Build and cultivate organizational capacity - reduce reliance on contractors

  • Restorative leadership

  • Troubleshooting and problem solving

  • Conflict de-escalation b/t students

  • Suspension diversion using student panels

  • Facilitating restorative conferences

  • Support for admin and teachers

  • Conflict de-escalation b/t staff

  • Developing norms and public agreements with staff


Offering personalized/extra support and scaffolding for administration and teachers

  • Classroom visits

    • Introduce new strategies and upgrades

    • Problem solving – circles and fishbowls

  • Suspension diversion using student panels

  • Restorative conferences

  • Restorative leadership

  • Classroom management

  • Conflict de-escalation b/t staff

  • Developing and implementing staff public agreements and norms


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